Few thoughts, blunders, lessons on IT

I started my IT career around 1995 with a C Programming class. I found out that I was good at it. My first real IT job was as a Laboratory Teaching Assistant for Computer Science 1. Since then, I have been a Network Manager for a local ISP, Senior Systems Administrator 2, Network Specialist, and now an Information Systems Specialist 3

Some of my favorite blunders (we learn from our mistakes):

Some things that tweaked my mind.

Over the years, I learned a few lessons.

The above list is not all-inclusive, and some lessons I learned the hard way.


Job Titles Matter. Most employers look at a Laboratory Teaching Assistant as fancy hall monitor. This job I had to tutor: C, ASM/86, Fortran, C++, HTML, PASCAL. I was a systems administrator for VMS/Decnet, Ultrix, Apple, Novel, Windows. Lastly acted as a department secretary.


Solaris, Linux, Networking, Firewall/DMZ, Open Source Librarian


Again, job titles matter. This is more of a Programmer/Analyst. I currently support Student Finance/Finance, integrations.



ERP Programmer/Analyst, Sailor, DIY

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